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Your details here will help us understand exactly what you want to accomplish. We look forward to hearing about
changes you've made to improve your level of care.
We support actions and plans, not platitudes - others, not self.
- Our CBJ Theme: To at once condense and personalize your message for listeners regarding why and how to improve mind care. Please note that all information is not mandatory, however, it helps to have as much information as possible so that we can prepare for your interview. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Tiffany at
Note: When you complete this form Tiffany Isaacson will provide
follow up and contact details for our next steps together.
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Your name, hometown and a brief [50 - 100 word] bio with your current professional activities that contribute to mind changes. Cut and paste OK. I will read this to get us started - then ask for a brief personal who-view - where you live, your family, your reason to be here at CBJ

Example: Tom Smith, Possum Hollow, AR - Inventor of the Internet, author, professor, in practice __ years. Include what you do, training etc. [Note: the * asterisk note on questions indicates the need for a brief answer to move forward with this form.]

Want to know if an interview with us at CoreBrain Journal works for you? Take a look at this PDF download - and let us know:

Your most available Cell Phone Number - for emergency only.

It won't be shared or used other than for CBJ challenges - sometimes we need a direct line to get rigged to go.
May I personalize your remarks by using your first name in our conversation? Please call me Chuck.

My mission is to keep this conversation with a feeling of intimacy, even though heard by many... - Not in a conspiratorial way, just authentic for street appreciation and increased listening. If not, I completely understand.
Give us the link for your most pressing project or personal connection to include in your bio, and Podcast Show Notes.

We hope to connect others to your personal journey.
Please cut and paste 2 or 3 Supportive, Peer-Reviewed References or Books for your topic so that we can include in your show notes as your reading recommendations. [This isn't for a CV so we don't mean personal endorsements, but actual literature references. Including them here will help me cut and paste in your show notes - sending me somewhere to find them is not helpful, and impossible for my time.]

I know you're credible, but if we wish to improve thinking and credibility for our interview topic a few references will encourage helpful commentary and good SEO.

A Reference Example:
> Yechiel Levkovitz, Liron Rabany, Eiran Vadim Harel, Abraham Zangen Deep transcranial magnetic stimulation add-on for treatment of negative symptoms and cognitive deficits of schizophrenia: a feasibility study, Int J Neuropsychopharmacol (2011) 14 (7): 991-996
Please let us know - Would you like to share a complimentary book (for authors) or would you like to share a complimentary PDF based on your work, to share with our listeners? Please indicate your choice here.  We'll share that email list with you - thanks.]

- You may send the PDF directly to Tiffany at or simply leave the link here.
- If you wish to use a book as a give-away please indicate that here. After the book drawing, Tiffany will contact you with the name and address of the winner so that you are able to connect with the winner and send them a book.
Do you have a quality microphone for our interview? - please help with this, as Zoom breaks up with just your built in mic and if you are on wireless - please hardwire for this interview. *

If not: order the 'Logitech Clearchat Headset' from Amazon for $19.88 - or the 'Audio Technica ATR2100-USB' microphone from Amazon for $59 - for your quality voice and programming.

Our format includes actual clients who have experienced a positive response to your work. Do you have a client that would like to share how your treatment/education/research/plan etc. helped them on their recovery journey? If so, please have them go to and fill out our Client Guest Form and we will schedule them for an interview that we will link back to you when it goes live. Their name/identity will always remain protected.

For convenience and simplicity [unless the person requests no anonymity] the woman's name will be Martha Trueheart, and the men's name will be Mark Roads. [Not required, but could be helpful for your message.]
One quick final consideration: Your might wish to drop us a Guest Article/Post at CBJ. A short 300-500 word, or longer 800-1000 word, piece in a Word doc,  with links to your favorite topics on the evolution of mind-care. Connect us with your writing, your book, your website, your perspective - and add links back to your work for those who love reading. Would you like us to get back to you on that easy process?

Your piece can be a rewrite of your most popular post? Our objective: to enhance your perspective and insights.
CBJ Disclaimer/Waiver *

Tiffany will send you the Zoom Connection Link prior to your interview.

I will contact you on Zoom at the appointed time:   CBJ is an audio-only interview. Zoom is free, when you click the link sent to you by Tiffany it will automatically download for the interview.

Recording Agreement: By participating in the CoreBrain Journal interview, you agree to allow CBJ to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow CBJ to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use, with full attribution, in presentations, books, and in all other public distribution channels.

> Remember: Tiffany handles your interview scheduling - she will get back to you by email following your completion of this form.

Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so. Galileo ~ 1640

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.
Peter Drucker ~ 2001

Thanks! Maps and markers illuminate the way - wherever your journey takes you.  Your details matter. 
Thanks for connecting - we'll get back to you soon. I'm looking forward to our conversations!
> Send Any Additional Paperwork, PDF Downloads/References or Planning Remarks To Tiffany Here:
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